About Us


Our Story

In 2010, the EC began afresh, fanned into life by an incredibly hard working Scott Walker. 2011 saw the beginning of our long standing campaign, Fossil Free ANU, at which time our main focus was one company, Metgasco. The EC had been notified by folks up in the Northern Rivers that the ANU was one of the top 20 shareholders in the company that was then attempting to drill CSG wells in that area, and we wanted to change that. During the last few years we have worked on the Climate Whistleblowers and a campaign to removed bottled water from the ANU campus. In 2014, the EC organised the Students of Sustainability Festival, the largest environmental convergence in Australia. Throughout, we have run a huge number of events, trainings, film screenings and talks on campus on a wide range of environmental issues.

If you were a member of the EC before 2010, we’d love to hear from you – we’re currently attempting to compile a history of the EC since its inception.

Our Wins

The EC has had some huge wins! We started Fossil Free ANU (now an autonomous campaign collective), the first Fossil Free campaign in the world which has now been replicated globally. In 2014, sustained pressure, primarily by the EC, led to the ANU announce that it was divesting from seven fossil fuel companies. And yes – ANU did divest from Metgasco! We also had huge media around our week organising a convergence at Maules Creek Blockade, which included Australian great David Pocock’s arrest.


How we organise

We are democratic and non-hierarchical. This means everyone involved has an equal role in decision-making, and anyone can contribute and pursue their ideas. Decision making itself is based on a consensus model, where we strive to attain the consent of everyone in the collective before making decisions. This process is used in non-hierarchical groups and co-operatives the world over in order to include everyone’s thoughts and concerns in the decision-making process, and to make sure no-one is completely against the end decision.

Our Core Values

The ANU Environment Collective recognises that environmental and social justice issues are inseparable, and that fighting for a sustainable future means realising a world in which all people, all beings, can live in peace, dignity and freedom. Change begins at home, so we aim to make both our university and our community sustainable and just.

We believe in:

  • Environmental justice
  • Building local communities
  • Grassroots activism
  • Direct democracy
  • Non-violent direct action
  • Creating a sustainable future

The Broader Movement

ANU EC is affiliated with the Australian Student Environment Network (ASEN), which links up all of the on campus environment collectives around Australia. In 2014, the ANU EC organised the ASEN-run Students of Sustainability conference, the largest annual environment-related conference in Australia. We are also connected with the Student Environment Activist Network (SEAN) where we team up with folks from Newcastle, Wollongong and Sydney to work on collective campaigns. We meet up with SEAN monthly at our ASEN Swarms.